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ASAP! Need forever home for Brindle Boxer Mix (JUNCTION CITY)

$100.00 rehoming by RobinFruFru in junction city, Sep 22
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ASAP! Need forever home for Brindle Boxer Mix (JUNCTION CITY) in Fort Riley
ASAP! Need forever home for Brindle Boxer Mix (JUNCTION CITY) in Fort Riley
ASAP! Need forever home for Brindle Boxer Mix (JUNCTION CITY) in Fort Riley

We are in a BSL and I need help to rehome this baby *OUT* of JC/Geary county. She's a 1 yr old Brindle Boxer (Pitt bull) mix, her name is Bailey. There is a $100.00 rehoming fee, it can be adjusted for fuel expenses. The pup is a rescue from TN. We agreed to pick her up and foster her in may only to find out the folks who wanted her changed their minds and we were pretty much told she was ours to deal with.

I tried to get the pup in classes to train and calm her down, she's a happy hyper dog, but without shot records ( the original rescue people didnt have them and what they did eventually send us was usless) no one would take her for training without them. We went to KSU Animal college/vet clinic for help getting her all her shots and health exams. They found heart worms. We have completed the Heart worm treatment (120 days, slow kill) and are waiting on her final test results after her appointment this week. My heart couldn't have her put down because of the heart worms nor did we have the heart to just give her to another family knowing she was sick and how steep the treatment is. That's unfair.

**Bailey has tested NEGATIVE finally! The heart worms are GONE!** 09/20/2017

This little girl should go to a loving family, who can do right by her and give her a happy loving home or even a single person home who can love and be her companion as well as your companion. We both work, and feel bad that she spends most of her day in a cage thanks to the heart worm treatment and hasn't had a chance to be a real pup. We can't afford to fence the back yard in, the heart worm treatment has caused a major financial and relationship hardship. We have given her the best care we could and just cant endure much more, she deserves better.

What we've learned and know about Bailey,

She loves people and some animals, she is not a fan of wild turkeys, butterflies and lightening bugs, she will sprint after them.
She is "now kinda" good with cats, she wants to be besties with them and they are to cliquish to be nice to her.
She knows basic commands: sit, walk, go to bed (her kennel), lay down etc.
She thinks she can fit through cat doors, she's failed many times.
She isn't a picky eater and loves cheese, especially stinky cheese (parm/romano) on her dry food .
She is mid size 44 pounds so far.
She thinks she is a lap dog
She likes chew bones and sadly hats, left flip flops only and random socks. (she is still a pup)
She is leash trained
She knows she isnt allowed people food but will still give the "stare down guilt thing" to try to get food.
She isn't aggressive, she's a happy hyper lil girl.
She isn't a shedder and has a gorgeous coat.
She is spayed.

What don't know,

How she is with kids, we dont have kids at home so this is iffy territory.
How she will be off her leash to walk
What exactly she endured from oct 2016 til may 2017 (I'll explain when contacted)
How she is left alone outside of her kennel in the house.

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